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Cold + Compression

Therapy System


The equipment is used for postoperative and post-injury rehabilitation treatment, to alleviate inflammatory reaction, control swelling and relieve pain by applying pressure and providing cold compress treatment.

The goal of creating this product was to develop a safe, effective, affordable, and easy-to-use medical device that could be deployed in almost any setting.

Features of the CoolGards’s cold and compression system:

  • Intermittent cold compression accelerates the healing process and reduces pain and swelling;
  • Preset flexible treatment options to achieve the best care for you;
  • Perfect for athletic training rooms, clinics, and home use;
  • Gives you a quiet environment during the treatment;
  • Covers the ankle, shoulder, leg, and knee.

How does it work?

Cold compression therapy works by constricting the blood vessels, which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation. Calms muscle spasms, minimises bruising and soothes nerve endings, encouraging quick and effective healing for a variety of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

All CoolGards devices are fully compliant with CE and FDA regulatory approval.

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